Keep Watch

It happened before.

The CIA tortured human beings. Psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen designed a post-9/11 CIA program of unspeakable cruelty for $81 million in American tax dollars. An historic ACLU lawsuit brought against the psychologists was recently settled out of court. It may be the only moment in time that Mitchell and Jessen will be held accountable for the hell they brought down on the program’s victims. The men suffered extreme brutality, both psychological and physical, including sleep deprivation, beatings, stress positions and water dousing. And they were only three out of over 100 victims.

It’s happening now.

Torture is ongoing in many places around the world. People are being tortured as you read this. Men are being waterboarded. Women are being raped in the presence of their families. Even children are tortured. The Center for Victims of Torture (CVT) extends care to individuals all over the world who have survived torture: in some cases, torture starkly resembling that which Mitchell and Jessen’s victims suffered.

It could happen again.

The menace of torture still exists. Mitchell and Jessen are hardly the only torturers in the world. But seldom are perpetrators of torture held accountable. President Trump has even said, “I’m going to bring back waterboarding and a helluva lot worse.”  Important work remains to be done and the cycle of impunity must be broken. It’s time to pay rapt attention. Keep watch, so that we may never relive this scenario in our country again.


Stay vigilant. Know the facts.

Join CVT and reject torture today.