I am an architect. 

“I came to the United States in the 70’s in pursuit of higher education in architecture. During those years in college, I became more aware of the authoritarian nature of the US supported regime in Iran and as the result, like so many other fellow Iranian students joined in protest against the treatment of dissidents and political activist back home. Following the 1979 revolution, many of those hopeful friends returned back to help establish new democratic institutions, just to face a new regime much worse than the one it had just replaced. Many were arrested, tortured and executed. Their innocent lives were traumatically affected and altered by human right abuse and extreme violence. The stories from some of those returning spoke of severe torture and inhumane treatment of activists and prisoners of conscious.

“A couple of years ago when I heard about CVT and learned about their mission, it resonated strongly with all those lives I witnessed that was touched by the abuse of power and violence. I have since become a big supporter and advocate of CVT, as a major source of hope for restoration of hope, human dignity and mental, emotional and physical health of victims of torture, like my friends in Iran.” — Hamid Kashani

The refugee crisis is a torture crisis. 

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Photo by Amanda Scheid. ©2017 Amanda Scheid.