“I was savagely beaten and repeatedly raped,” says Sabeen, a 24-year-old Syrian refugee and torture survivor. While in custody, Esme was raped and beaten multiple times. Manal’s interrogators told her that she had to choose the number of men who would rape her. One was not an option.

Rape is often used as a weapon of war, a method of humiliating and wounding individuals and controlling communities. Many CVT clients have experienced sexual torture, which often involves being illegally detained by state or government officials, sometimes for months, and enduring sexual assault – often repeatedly – to serve a larger political goal.

In an organization that extends rehabilitative care to survivors of torture, CVT staff and clients are sadly all too familiar with issues of sexual violence. We have been listening for years: CVT stands with all our clients who would say Me, Too.

Stand with survivors. Read their stories. Reject sexual torture.