Women across industries stepped up to disclose sexual assault and harassment and to publicly say #MeToo.

It started with Tarana Burke’s grassroots movement, then reached celebrities. Then it galvanized the people around us – family, friends, co-workers – then, perhaps, us.

But in the home countries of many CVT clients, reporting is not an option. Because the very people intended to enforce justice, to protect them, to lead, instead assaulted or raped them.

Sexual torture is a humiliating, wounding and frequent weapon of war. It’s used against women, children and also men. No one is safe, and the brutality is absolute, beyond a level that most people have imagined.

At CVT, we help survivors cope with, and recover from, these horrific realities. We stand with our survivors who would say #MeToo, and embark with them on their journey of healing and hope.

Stand with us. Take Action. Support survivors and reject sexual torture.