FACT: Khmer Rouge used Waterboarding on their victims

The torture method of waterboarding is a form of slow, controlled drowning. When tortured through waterboarding, victims are strapped down and immobilized as water is poured over their face and into their throat, asphyxiating them and leading them to believe they will die.

Waterboarding was used by the Khmer Rouge against its own people during its genocide of the 1970s. This is not the company the United States should keep. However, after 9/11, the United States engaged in the systematic use of torture, including waterboarding, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo and secret  global sites.

As Senator John McCain (R-AZ) explained, waterboarding or any other form of torture “is not in the best interests of justice nor our security nor the ideals we have sacrificed so much blood and treasure to defend.”

There is nothing about torture, including waterboarding, that fits with American values.

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